About me

Passionate about people and igniting their passion, Mercedez uses her love for stage, radio and TV to inspire audiences with her charisma and on-stage presence. Audiences love her energetic and upbeat style, that's why with Mercedez you're guaranteed a host that can turn any event into a professional, polished, message driven and humor filled success.

Known for her larger-than-life personality, Mercedez has a decade of experience in the corporate and entertainment space, as a live event host, voice over artist and live event curator and coordinator. Mercedez is known for her role and involvement in the promotion of women and children's rights as well as being a tireless ambassador for other marginalized groups. She is the youngest person to have served on the board of trustees of Ombetja Yehinga Organization (OYO) the biggest social change organization in the country that uses the arts to spread awareness on a variety of issues faced by the youth. With a clear and warm voice, a knack for making meaningful connections with audiences and an insatiable apetite for helping others maximize their potential.

Mercedez knows how to rock any stage or platform, with her wit she is able to effortlessly connect with a crowd and her down-to-earth humor compels audiences to laugh while they learn from her insight and comic relief.

A seasoned event host, and experienced voice artists, Mercedez was voted 2014 Faces to Watch by Voigush Magazine, as well as having been featured in Supermodels SA Magazine, News24, Mzanzi Magic SA, The Namibian newspaper and various other local publications.

Having stepped into the spotlight in 2011 when she started as resident host and mentor of Song Night Namibia, the biggest talent development platform in the country. " One of my greatest strengths is preparation, which allows me to handle any situation during your event. To me, preparation, professionalism and humility are very important. That and having fun while doing what you love."


Off Stage, Mercedez has been heavily involved in mentoring upcoming artists and planning various festivals, shows and music events, one of which is the biggest monthly music event in the country. Night Under The Stars, as it is known, which she conceptualized and helped setup for Goethe Institute Namibia as part of their monthly scheduled calender events. An event that has provided a platform for many artists, experienced and those starting out, since its inception in 2014 and to date has seen some of the biggest names in Namibian music headline the show.